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  • 28 Jul


    Writing is the backbone of the marketing industry. Everyone experienced or amateur is looking for ways to master the art of Copywriting. If you have experience and want to improve the way you write, check out the following tips:

    1. Create a Rough Draft First

      Instead of compiling a perfect draft, first focus on creating a rough draft to get all the words out.

    2. Write according to Your Mood

      Some times are better suited to writing than others as far as focused writing is concerned; as you get more ideas at certain point in time. Start writing at that time to follow those ideas for better writing.

    3. Include a Few Inspirations

      Compiling a 500-word blog post is much better than when you feel an urge to write vs forcing yourself to work on something.

    4. Proofread Again & Again

      The best way to work is to proofread your work again and again. You need to finish your copy under a strict timeline however an effective process is to allow yourself a few days to write, take a few breaks and then refine your work. You will be surprised to see new ideas pouring in your head if you carry out this way to work.

    5. Use a Text to Speech Tool

      Read out the work live using an online text to speech tool to fix errors, otherwise invisible to naked eyes.

    6. Review Your Work

      You can also ask someone else to review your work. A pair of fresh eyes can highlight new errors. Using a spell checker cannot highlight the errors caught by your friend or a colleague. Ask if the topic delivers information from layman’s perspective, which means you can have it read by someone who does not already have a lot of industry knowledge regarding the topic.

    7. Do not pay much attention to the overly praising and critical people. You need someone to help you identify glaring mistakes instead of reviewing a piece 20 times on your own.
    8. Include Statistics

      Always cite your resources and include facts and figures by searching on Google. This will add value to your article or blog or whatever it is that you are writing.

    9. Following Guidelines

      AP Style is preferred when writing a press release.

    10. PR Marketing Tips

      You can always visit such as Contently, Copyblogger to get more writing tips and tricks. Writing articles every day will improve your work overtime. You can also hire the Medialinkers SEO copywriters to get started.