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  • 14 Sep

    How to Market and Drive Immense Traffic to Your Business via Tumblr?

    Tumblr is a blog based social media website, which can be used for getting more leads and customers back to your site. For learning how you can drive quality traffic to your site through Tumblr, read the simple to follow instructions below:

    Sign up Process

    The very first thing that you need to do is to sign up for the site itself. Just like other social media sites, you are required to put in your username, password, and your email address. Use the username which is relevant to your brand, as all your activities and posts, would appear under it.

    Look For the Relevant Blogs

    After, you have successfully signed up for Tumbler, you need to research the relevant blogs and follow them, as Tumblr is all about following other people and sharing their and your own content on it. For doing that, you can head over to the search bar and put in the related keywords to what you would be blogging about.

    For example, if you blog on the web design and the digital marketing topics, you just have to type in web design or digital marketing to search for the relevant blogs. After you find some good enough blogs, you just have to click on the blue plus sign to follow them. As a thumb rule, you can follow a minimum of 5 blogs.

    Add Details about Your Brand

    Make sure to add a thorough description about your brand and services. You must add a logo, and for a personal brand, include the headshot. For example, for the bloggers looking to gain traffic and exposure on Tumblr, adding their own personal picture would be a really good idea. After, you are done adding the necessary images, just hit “Save” and enter the description and title. You can always put your brand tagline or your personal slogan. Just make sure that everything you have posted works and communicate well about who you are and what your brand is for the users.

    Download the Tumblr App

    Download the Tumblr app for your mobile device, so you can visit your Tumblr blog whenever you are away from your computer.

    Personalizing Your Blog

    That’s it. You have successfully set up your blog on Tumblr. Now for personalizing it according to your business niche and brand tagline, you need to find a suitable theme.

    Click Customize ->themes on the top right corner to view the available themes. Tumblr like WordPress too has a lot of themes to choose from for you.

    You can click on the live preview option to see the appearance of your blog. After, you have found the right theme for your blog, just hit the “Use” button. You can also make changes to your Theme if you want such as the background color, images etc.

    There is also the option “Edit HTML” for making hardcore changes to your blog’s theme. After, you are done; you can always preview to see what your blog would look like under that theme.

    Add the Content

    To make your blog look like a real blog, you need to start posting. For doing that, you need to click on the “Dashboard” button and it will take you to the Tumblr dashboard. There you would see a lot of ways through which you can add content to Tumblr.

    Post Great Content

    A topic such as “5 tips for whatever” at Tumblr doesn’t do really well. Tumblr is all about eye-catching and engaging stuff, such as “4 Bad Ass Marketing Examples” as this is the type of content that the audience you would find on Tumblr would like.

    After, the title, add the meat and potato of your blog and hit publish, just like you would do it on any other blogging platform. For heading back to the main page, you can always click on the logo or your own profile picture.

    Other Ways to Add Content

    You can also reblog other people’s content on your blog, and this is the reason; you followed the relevant bloggers in the first place. After, you have followed the users; you would see that their feeds would start appearing on your blog. This is why, you need to follow strategically so that you only post content that your audience would like to see after you reblog it. You can click on “Find blogs” for viewing the popular blogs on Tumblr.

    Choose the category that fits well with your blog’s niche, in case of digital marketing or business. Follow the blogs that look good to you and when you find some cool post from that particular blog on your Tumblr dashboard, you can click on the arrow buttons and these buttonswould reblog the post for you.

    Share the Content

    Your audience would appreciate the content if they think it’s cool enough, just like they would do it on Twitter or Facebook. The Reblogging option also helps you gain exposure by putting you on the radar of influential Tumblr blogs. This is because the person is notified when you reblog his content. This would help you to have your blog reblogged as a favor in return.

    Post Image-Based Content

    However, for the users to reblog your content, you need to have your own ideas and original content posted to your blog. In general, images and videos do really well on Tumblr, but what if you want to make an announcement related to your business, such as the opening of another site or office in any other city; you wouldn’t announce it using the text link option in the dashboard. In fact, you would use a picture of the event or the office that you are excited announcing for. Copy the image URL and enter it so it appears in the center of your post. After that, write whatever the information you want around the image, to keep the entire post image-focused.

    Also for topics such as 5 tips for getting more likes on Facebook, you would add a picture with every heading or use a one big picture which can convey the entire message, instead of just posting the plain boring text.


    In short, marketing your content on Tumblr is similar to how you would market it on any other social media site. However, the key to getting attention is to engage and interact with the relevant users and share their content. Also, make your post’s image based instead of the plain text to gain more user attention and appreciation.

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