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  • 24 Jul

    10 Trends you can expect to see in the Upcoming months of 2015-16

    The web design niche grows with every passing year, and there are new and old things that come with it with every year. We have seen quite some changes last year, and this year 2015 and the next one (2016) is going to be dominated by only the best of trends, which are discussed in the blog below:

    1. Scrolling Lengthy Sites

    Due to the popularity of the smart gadgets, you would see scroll lengthy sites in trend more than the short ones. From the home, about to product pages, the trend is use on almost every important web page for engaging the users.

    Scrolling Lengthy Sites


    1. Engaging and Storytelling

    Even though having an awesome content is very critical for your website, conveying a story like a message through the content has become a very popular trend of 2015. So just like at the start of this year, this trend would continue to dominate later this year. There are lots of websites available around the web, which are more like a storyboard than a regular website.

    Along with the story, you would also see animation and interaction used in the site design, as it would further enhance the designs of your site.  You can see both these features in CherryPickPrices designed by a web design agency Medialinkres.


    Engaging and Storytelling


    1. No Longer Opting for the Large Header Background Images

    The trend of using the large header background images was quite common last year, but as many of the web owners embraced this trend, others which didn’t start questioning as to how they could stand out from the rest of the crowd. As an answer, the trend to keeping the large headers without making them the background image came around.


    No Longer Opting for the Large Header Background Images


    1. Going for the Simple Designs

    Gone are those days, when all the design elements would have to be incorporated into the site’s layout. In 2015, the trend has become simpler than ever. This year, you would continue to see sites that have got simplistic designs.

    According to the designers, most of the current sites have got lots of images, background colors, and sophisticated layouts. They are opting for simple and clean site designs, making it stand out from the rest of the designs, which are color and image heavy.

    Going for the Simple Designs


    1. Fix width centered site layout

    That fix-width trend seems to be trying to come back in a more modern way. Instead of sites and their content sections going all the way to either side of the viewport, some sites are opting for a max-width to keep their content centered in the viewport.

    A lot of sites are using the 100% width, to stretch the sections and images on the browser’s viewport. However, before this trend became popular, most of the sites designed used fix widths with their contents centered in the page.



    Fix width centered site layout


    1. Using Custom Photography over Stock Images

    Even though stock images still have their place in design, it still is on a declining trend for most of the sites. The new trend is to use the professional photography of unique and high quality, customized according to the site’s purpose. Through the use of custom photography, you can enhance your design a lot more than you can if you choose stock images. This is because; custom photography makes your designs unique as no one else would have those pictures on their site. Most of the designers own sites use custom photography, which you can see from their portfolio.

    Using Custom Photography over Stock Images


    1. Slide out Menus

    The responsive site designs are around for a long time. Until recently, the emphasis was on making the site look great on not just the desktop devices but also on the tablet and mobile devices. The responsive web design makes the website to look great no matter what the device is. You can check it out on the 24ways site, as it depicts this feature really well.

    Slide out Menus


    1. Using Hidden Menus

    Similar to the slideout/flyout menus discussed in the point above, we can see a lot of sites using the hiding menu options when the visitors visit their site first. The hidden menus become visible when the visitors are ready to click and move on the appropriate icon. This is a responsive design technique which is used in a site’s design instead of the small viewports.

    Using Hidden Menus


    1. Using Big Size Typography

    Typography has become really important in a lot of designs, and this trend is not going away anytime soon. The trend would dominate this year and the next.

    Large sized typography is a key in 2015, as it would enhance the hierarchy of the web page, ensuring readers the largest type on the 1st page, as it’s the first thing that grabs users’ attention.

    Using Big Size Typography


    1. Speed and Performance

    Some of the trends of designs are adapted to make the sites load faster, consuming less bandwidth. Most of the web trends of this year and most probably the next one would make the site load quickly using the tablet and mobile devices and the slower networks.

    Speed and Performance

    How quickly a site load is something that impacts its performance, which is why, the designers keep the file sizes and sites in check to make the site load fast even on the different speed networks.