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  • 30 Jun

    4 Reasons why SEO is Still the No 1 Marketing Method for Small Businesses

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    There are a lot of small businesses, which are looking to grow their business online. However, they are on a limited budget, and treat the search engine marketing as a luxury rather than a necessity. This is the place where they focus their energy after they have marketed their brand through the conventional marketing mediums such as print advertising, classified ads and direct email.

    What you need to know is that most of the small business owners don’t have websites managed or maintained regularly, which the reason why they suffer in business. The small business owners don’t know the potential of traffic and possible leads that they are missing on. This means that when it comes to researching of products and services, 61% of the consumers’ research for those products online before buying them. This is where; SEO becomes highly important, as it provides your company the necessary marketing boost it requires. With the help of SEO, the people are able to find your business site as they type in the keywords targeting your site’s products or services.

    Reasons Why Business People Choose to Ignore SEO

    Don’t Have Enough Understanding Regarding SEO

    The phrase ‘search engine optimization’ is quite misunderstood by the business owners. Learning about the keyword placement, content marketing and page rank is quite confusing. The business owners, which work in niches outside technology do not have the required knowledge for managing their SEO.

    Don’t Have the Luxury of Time

    Having a site maintained and optimized for the search engines is an ongoing and time taking process. You need to be constantly updated with the algorithm changes and publishing new content. The small business owners don’t have time for managing their own SEO campaign, without a marketing department.

    Don’t Get the Right Results

    A lot of companies work on their SEO campaigns, only to give them up when they don’t get immediate results. What they don’t understand is that SEO is a long term strategy and requires great investment in time. Also, people managing their own SEO campaigns don’t have the required knowledge and skills for the creation of an effective campaign.

    However, without the right SEO services Atlanta by Medialinkers, this becomes quite problematic. Most of the companies having a strong online presence through SEO are run by marketing firms.

    Benefits of SEO for Small Business Owners


    Increased ROI

    The traditional marketing costs more, about 61% to be fairly exact. The traditional marketing is also not as targeted and doesn’t guarantee reaching your potential audience. For example, you can’t know if your mail would be opened by the audience or if the people won’t skip your ads.  According to facts, 44% people never open direct email, whereas 86% people skip the television ads. On the other hand, search engine optimization offers a 14.6%, closing rate, in comparison to the 1.7% closing rate you get via outbound marketing.

    Loyal Customer ship

    Another major benefit of the SEO marketing is that you can have loyal customers. As people don’t like advertisements and advertising emails, they won’t get back to you. The search market is different. This means that when they find you as an answer to their question, your company becomes the source of information for them regarding their queries and as a result, they turn to you every time they require services relevant to your site’s services.
    Has a Global Reach
    As all the business owners want to reach new customers, SEO serves them great. With the outbound marketing their only reach the local community, whereas with the help of search marketing, they become visible to 3 billion online people that the internet is made of. With the help of SEO services by Medialinkers, they have their business adjusted to target the users in different communities with the help of both local and global SEO.

    Your Business Lags Behind Without SEO

    In case, you don’t have an SEO campaign, and then every time some consumer looks for a business like yours, they would land on your competitor’s site. But with the help of SEO, you can level the playing field for small businesses, as you would get local business to your site.


    In short, SEO is a great marketing method, but only if it’s done correctly. You can achieve a lot of benefits from having a right company such as Medialinkers to manage your SEO campaign.