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  • 28 Jul


    Designing is all about being creative. Even though there are no hard and fast rules to design a layout, there are still rules following which, you will be able to offer an improved user experience design to your users.

    Understand the Design Concept

    Clarity of mind and concept before starting the design work is extremely important. This will ensure a great user experience for your clients. You also need to pay attention to their likes and dislikes. You are designing for users, to grab their attention, and by focusing on how they think and what they prefer; you can design a layout that impacts your users emotionally. Furthermore, a great design will make them come back to your site again.

    Make Your Design Self Explanatory

    Don’t rely on the understanding of your audience. Instead, try and convey the concept behind your design on its own. This is because clients are simple minded and do not know how to proceed next. By designing a simple and interactive design which is self explanatory, it will contribute to a great user experience. Furthermore, this will enhance your web conversions.

    Use Popular Conventions

    It is human nature to like repeated patterns and to become emotionally associated with. By offering a design that contains elements that the users are familiar with, you can enhance user interaction. A product or a service that is used in a way, familiar to the customers will always be preferred by your customers.

    Be Clear About Calls to Action

    Use simple and clear calls to action to help your users understand the work flow. There is no need to add complexity. Human memory processes 2-3 pieces of information best at a time, so if you are designing a page for a call to action, you need to keep it simple.

    Don’t include a lot of Options

    Many designers consider UX as a science of its own, however, it more of an art. You never know how people will behave with a layout. Instead of adding a lot of options on your website, keeping it simple just like the call to actions is the way to go about it. Putting in extra things can sometimes make people leave a site instead of interacting with it.

    You can also test and track the user behavior further to know about the limitations of your design. This will help you to improve your web page design.

    Write Information in a Skimmable Way

    People don’t like to read long paragraphs of text. You can also use headings and bullets to make the information easily scanable for users. Don’t use technical terms and make everything simple to understand for everyone.

    You can offer a great user experience design by following the above mentioned tips. You can also consult Medialinkers web design service in Kennesaw to handle the web design work for your company.