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  • 27 Nov

    7 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2016

    The digital experience designs and the trends are always changing. For the upcoming year 2016, the changes that can take place in the web design are as follow:

    Interaction Focus instead of Layout

    Photoshop used to be the software through which everyone would design the visual look, but since the interaction has become extremely popular today, the digital software design company such as Adobe has come up with design tools such as Comet and Sparbox. The new design tools allow the designers in focusing on the design interaction and layout. It’s a new way for the creation of living design documents, allowing designers; the required time into thinking about this once the design has been coded.

     Data-Driven Designs

    2016 continues to offer a transition from the emphasis of design on the aesthetics. The design is subjective and can be the result of opinion. The large organization is there to access the business intelligence tools having the ability to iterate and measure the design by metrics such as conversions, click through rates and the multivariate testing.  With different tools such as Apropose emerging, you would see it becoming popular to make designs more data driven.


    As the retina ready devices continue to dominate the market, you can view the old web on all these devices which sometimes lead to the images being distorted and pixilated. For solving this problem, you need to use the graphic vector images over the traditional formats. The vector graphics can be easily scaled to any size without distortion. A new image format SVG has been introduced which is a vector graphic format. SVG is exported directly from Adobe Illustrator and is supported by all the major browsers. This means that illustrations would continue to rise in the digital designs.

    Interactive Storytelling

    Storytelling is a part of human nature. As humans, we love living in the land of make and believe. We all love to watch plays, movies, and stories for the story. The sporting events also unfold as narratives. The trend has caught up with the websites, as they tell a story often engage users and plays on things which evoke the human emotion. The storytelling requires the creation of user interface and visual elements for creating something which the humans can interact with.

    With an emphasis on the designers and conversion, the clients are going to ask for this technique to start storytelling with the digital designs.


    AI has got a major impact on the way the designers think about the digital design. Designing in the original sense always take a back seat and can become really transparent. As apps continue to present with the contextual information, AI would help in taking action on the information. Facebook’s M could be considered as its example. Similar to Siri, this performs tasks outshining that of its rivals.

    Long scroll

    Gone are the days when the content has to be put above the fold, as long scroll is the way through which you can make the user read all the content. Long scroll sites allow the users to take on a journey, and the trend is there to stay in 2016.

    Minimalism Continues to Thrive

    The minimalist design is extremely popular for the last 2 years, mainly supported by the flat design and framework such as Google’s material design. Some people are of the view that minimal design has caused the sites to look the same, but the reason for that is due to the optimal user experience, which was missing in the early days. Analysis of the ways web convert high has resulted into the digital design patterns which work. This, unfortunately, means that there is not much room for creativity when it comes to the digital design patterns.

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