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  • 01 Dec

    Keep Up with the UX Trends through the 4 Important Tips

    Everyone knows how much important a user experience is. The digital landscape means that UX has changed a great deal and you need to keep up with it. Today, User experience is quite different to what it used to be a couple of years ago. The large corporate relies more on the analysis and data for guiding the interaction design. The wearable and proliferation of the internet means that the skills of the UX designers have also changed.

    When it comes to the internet of things, the devices range from the buildings to fridges and are advanced enough to communicate with each other for making the lives easy. Almost every appliance in the home today, talks to each other and the fact that they don’t have a user interface, which means that as a UX designer today, you need to keeping up with your skills on the cutting edge for staying ahead in today’s market.

    We have recently completed a survey of working professionals showing that 49% of the people don’t get the training in the workplace, with 51% fearing that their skill would become irrelevant in the future.

    What to Do For Keeping the Skills relevant?

    You can read the points mentioned below for staying at the top of your game when it comes to the UX design.

    Keep Reading

    From the blogs and books, there is an enormous amount of knowledge available and with the help of a bit of dedication, you can keep up with the trends and can learning about new things. You can always start asking questions on Quora where you can connect with the influencers to learn about the upcoming developments. You can register with the trend tracking sites such as Trend watching for keeping an eye on the emerging technologies and ideas.

    You can always keep yourself up to date with the design evolution through the different sites such as UI movement, which is another resource for the design or the UXPin another great library of ebooks.

    Closer to the Community

    The UX community is a friendly bunch for sharing the information with. There is a UX or design innovation meetup in the area for getting along to the general assembly campus if you are lucky enough for having one nearby. These opinions are invaluable as they ring in a great value to the community together for sharing network and ideas. In case you are not comfortable with the making of connections, you can continue reading to learn about some of the great design tips.

    You can also join LinkedIn and start asking those questions. As a matter of fact, you can identify a thought leader and start following them on the social media. You can always log onto the Twitter and follow the UX thought leaders who are always sharing a lot of information on a range of UX topics.


    You can follow names such as Andy Budd, Aarron Walter and Jarod Spool to share content with, about the new designs and innovations while engaging in different conversations about the future trends.

     Step up and Take control of the Situation

    Your development as a UX designer is up to you. There is a lot of knowledge available out there and involve and become a part of these communities for learning new skills. You can take control of your career by taking the first step on the career journey.

    The good thing is that being in the UX world, the community wants to develop and is quite happy to share and push their ideas together. For hiring the UX design, you can always visit .