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  • 10 Jan

    Top Ten Trends in Web Design for 2019

    • By: admin

    Happy New Year friends and family! We hope that this coming year will bring new business and insight into how to continue making your online presence a success. We are back once again with a list of the top 10 trends in web design for 2019. While some of these have been around for a bit, the emphasis on the design elements listed have gained more usage

    1. Personalized UX

    Personalizing the user experience by matching relevant content or functionality to the role they are visiting your website as will effectively drive customer satisfaction. This trend is based on understanding and catering to what requirements and expectations are needed by the customer. MediaLinkers asks targeted questions to understand what users may need to do on your website, and then design with this in mind.

    1. Content-Centered UX

    Ever heard the phrase, “Content is King”? Not only should your user experience be personalized, but your content should also be reflected in your user experience. An effective Designer can anticipate user and business needs and understand how to can be used to meet them.

    1. Minimalism And Bold Typography Designs

    Clean, professional, and bold websites are preferred by many who want to focus on the most important details and nothing else. Too many times companies clutter websites with as much information as possible but forget that users usually won’t process or want to look through that much information. If this is the design you are looking for, MediaLinkers can develop prototypes with a custom design with the look and feel you need.

    1. CSS3 Animations

    Cascading Style Sheets’ latest version 3 has brought the ability to “animate” elements by changing them from one style to another. These effects can give your website the wow factor without the expense of full-blown animation. There’s a whole library of options available, and its only expected to grow in 2019.

    1. Sticky Elements

    Sticky elements are often seen but are sometimes referred to as fixed elements. The most common sticky element users come across is with the navigation bar, which scrolls as the page moves, preventing the user from having to scroll to the top of the page to access. Used to keep important information accessible, your users will thank you for the improved usability.

    1. Vibrant Saturated Color Schemes

    Vibrant colors are the easiest way to catch a user’s eye and can even coordinate with improved attraction. Very little effort is needed to use this feature to your benefit. Vibrant colors in bright hues will draw a user in and give the edge needed to convert.

    1. Progress Spectrum

    A progress spectrum is a status or progress bar visible when a user is completing a task and allows them to know where they are in the process or how much time is left. Allowing the user to have visual confirmation increases the chances of cooperation and completion. While used often, not all website take advantage of this programming trend that increases conversions.

    1. Single Page Design

    Single page, or parallax, design is one trend that has been hot for the last few years and it is here to stay. Fast and efficient, showing all of the content on a single page allows users to get the information they need quickly, without having to sift through different pages. They get exactly what they want and you deliver the information they need.

    1. Drop Shadows And Depth

    Adding drop shadows and depth draws the user’s attention to right where you want it to be. Whether the current selection or for emphasizing a call to action, this trend enhances the user interface and gets the focus where it should be.

    1. Responsive Design

    MediaLinkers has been advising customers for years to forgo the mobile versions of their website in favor of one responsively designed website. Any device, and any screen, one website to adjust to the display being used will give the same experience in every view without sacrificing the time and effort put into a separate website. This will continue to be the future of web design and coming trends will incorporate this designing technique with each step.

    With years of experience beneath their belt, our designers and developers at MediaLinkers know the balance between what you need and want. Contact us today for a consultation and FREE customized quote.