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  • 28 Oct

    Use Google Analytics to Write on the Interesting Topics

    The communication channels of social media are fanciful in a lot of ways.  These are the channels which the social media marketing experts very seriously due to the opportunities they offer. They offer to present the content which is interesting, shareable and potentially crucial for the business marketing.  But writing on the interesting topics becomes an issue when it has to be done on a daily basis.  So when you are looking for the topics to write about, you can take a leaf of help from the following points:

    Use Google Analytics for Searching Content Topics

    Google Analytics is a free reporting platform, offering a wealth of information and data pertaining to the website visitors. You can use this tool for creating an account, and insert it into your website pages. The business webmasters and the owners use the data for determining the ways for making the websites better, gaining insights and improving the user experience.

    You can check the following for determining the content topics to include in your social media strategy:

    Interesting Business Categories

    The interesting business categories are based on the users visiting your website. Google categorizes these by interest, product pages, and lifestyle. You can find the interests found in the “Audience” tab in Analytics. You can also use this information to craft the content based on categories such as music, movies, business, news, traveling and the other categories which your website visitors or the targeted audience like.

    Keywords to Pick

    Another reason for finding the interests of the targeted members, relevant to the services and products is to learn the keyword terms which they use for finding your website. When different people use these keywords, these become a valuable source for the audience that can be used for crafting the content topics. The search terms and the keywords are also found under “Acquisition” and then “All Traffic” with the variety of offered keywords.

    Searching Website Features

    The website search features come under the overlooked features. However, looking at what the website visitors search for, you can get direct insights to what the interests of the visitors are. You can also find the search terms visiting the “Behavior” tab in Google Analytics. You can then open the “Site Search” and review the “Search Terms.”

    This is how you would not only find the search terms which the people are interested in, but this is also how you can find the importance and the relevance of the target audience, based on the number of visitors who are searching with the relevant terms. You can also compile a list of content topics based on the search terms of the customers.

    Blog Comments

    Comments that visitors leave indicate a level of engagement with your content. The more comments there are, and the more different types of comments and information they’re focused on, could indicate further needs in those areas, and become great content to use to refine your social media content strategy.

    For example, a long debate or discussion might relate to a specific article you could expand on in your next content piece and share socially, to drive more people back for further discussion. Comments will likely be found in the blog of your website or on your CMS.

    Pages visitors frequent the most

    A final area in Google Analytics for gathering the interesting topics and content interesting your target audience and website visitors are the website pages. You can check the blog posts and pages which the visitors have viewed the most. You can also see the time they spend there and you can use this information for generating more content about the areas which your audience has an interest in. You can review the topics from a different angle, giving them a behind the scenes sneak peak at your service or a product.

    No matter how you find a topic and creative ideas for the content, the important thing to keep in mind is to focus on your targeted audience. What are the concerns and the needs are that you want to address them through your content topic? The information which you want to share to draw them into what you like to offer.

    Where to Go After Getting the Great Content?

    After you have successfully compiled the interesting content topics to write on, the next step is to compile the content on your own. After, it’s drafted and posted on the blog or a website; you can then share it with an image and a link.

    Always make sure that the content is something important and enticing enough for the customers to share and to comment on. This is the main point here and once you have it covered, you can then take things from there. You can also read the Medialinkers reviews to know about the company in detail.