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  • 24 Jun

    10 SEO Tips to Move Forward with in 2015

    SEO and Backlinks

    Without a doubt, Google is leading the search engine optimization industry. No matter, whatever they do, the other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing are following them. Even though content is the ultimate king, backlinks still make huge piece of the web industry puzzle, but only the quality and relevant ones. All the other links created for the sole purpose of tricking Google hare considered as junk by Google. This has made the sites quite easy to rank based on the content.

    Focusing on the Site Structure

    Make sure that your web structure is divided into content sections based on different categories. For example if the site is about web design, you can make web design as the root page of the site to target it as a keyword. After that you can focus on the category pages such as graphics design, responsive design, web development and WordPress. This method is also known as a silo structure. After creating a silo structure, publish articles relevant to each category and only link the articles with each other in the same category. This would greatly help in the search engine listings of your site.

    SEO Strategies Other Than Backlinking

    1. Get your site linked with the Google+ page, and Google business together.
    2. Start a blog for your company, as content sites are crawled frequently by Google. Post only the most informative articles and keep headings and keywords spread out through the entire body but don’t overcrowd the articles with the keywords. Keep the keyword density to a minimum of 1-3%. This will help you in building your company’s reputation with Google.
    3. Start a Facebook page and share your articles, videos and infographics there for gaining clients’ attention.
    4. Just like Facebook, create a Twitter profile and link it with the Facebook page, so that when something is posted to the Facebook page, it would be shared as a tweet automatically.
    5. You can target an aged domain as they are considered good in Google’s eyes. For example, if you own a shredding company, rather than doing SEO for shredding keywords, you can use keywords such as Tulsa paper shredding and buy domain This would be searched more by the Google user and will fall under the category of exact match domain. Consider buying a domain ending with a .com, .net or .org and avoid buying the other extensions unless you can get backlinks from .edu and .gov sites.
    6. Make sure that the domain doesn’t include more than 4 keywords. After you have purchased a domain, do a 301 redirect to it. Also, avoid buying domains with dashed in them. The domains with dashes are considered as a spam by Google.
    7. Check the traffic and statistics for your sites with the Google webmaster Tools, to see where the traffic is coming from and revise them to find what would work and what sections would need improvement.

    Get Listed on Business Review Sites

    1. Even though Google doesn’t use to put much effort into the online reputation, this has only grown in the recent years. This means that you can start with the Google reviews, Yelp and Kudzu reviews as these are great sites to start off for the brand reputation. You can also get a premium listing, but it really depends on your plan.
    2. Build pages and links towards the low competition keywords, and instead of trying to go after the big search words, you can draw a lot of traffic through it.
    3. Pay attention to the Meta description, ALT tags on your page. Also, you can add an open graph and twitter card as they are important to the web page. Make the Meta description between 120-150 characters long and unique to every page.

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