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  • 01 Jun

    Kennesaw, a City of Wonderful Personal and Business Opportunities

    The city of Kennesaw established in 1887 today offers great opportunities regarding affordable housing, high career oriented jobs, high school rankings, small town charm and the larger city amenities. Being the fastest growing counties in the nation, it has been named among the “10 best Towns for Families”, and is located just at a distance of 20 miles northwest of Atlanta about 35 miles from the Atlanta airport.
    Also, the city was selected by The Family Circle magazine as the nation’s 10 best towns for families in 2007. Similarly, in 2009, it was included in the list of the “Top 25 most uniquely American towns and cities”, by the Newsmax magazine.
    The name “Kennesaw” is derived from a word ‘Gah-nee-Sah’ (Cherokee word) meaning burial ground or cemetery.


    The city consists of a population of 29,783 people, 7,375 families and 11,413 households according to the 2010 census.

    Among the 11,413 household residents, there are 38.1% children under the age of 18 living with their parents, 45% are married couples, 15.2% are the female householders without a husband and 35.4% are non-families. The average household size is 2.59 and the average family size was 3.19. The female population is more than that of the male population as according to the statistics, for every 100 females there were 95.6 males and for every 100 males aged fewer than 18 and above, there are 89.7 males.

    Business and Technology

    The city announced the opening of four new wireless areas, Adams Park, Swift-Cantrell Park, the train depot area and the Locomotive history. The city offered Wi-Fi facility in the Community center by Ben Robertson. The opening of new wireless areas would certainly boost the technology business, including the web design Kennesaw businesses, as this is one niche that requires 24/7 internet connectivity for a smooth business running.

    For the existing business entrepreneurs, the city provides a fantastic chance of doing business through the Kennesaw Business Expo center. The event covers business connections and network, meeting of some great people in addition to enjoying the great free food and taking free giveaways home. The event is organized yearly and is free and open for all those who are interested.

    Personal Income

    The personal income in the city for a household was $61,355, whereas the median income for a family was $75,465. The median income of males is $46,953 vs $42,809 for the females. $27,165 is the per capita income for the city.

    Festivals and Events

    Various festivals are held annually including the big shanty festivals that display 200 arts and crafts booth including the 20 food booths downtown. On an average 60,000 people attend the festival, which is kicked off with the parade.