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  • 18 May

    Changes Your SEO Strategy Needs to Implement

    Without a doubt, the world of SEO is changing every day. As the new updates are released, new trends emerge along with the development of the new strategies. This is something which evolves constantly. Last year, there were 13 updates to Google’s algorithm when it comes to the Moz history.

    Let’s take a look at the six of them right now:

    Optimize and Create for Mobile Traffic


    In 2012, SEO gurus predicted the increase in the mobile desktop traffic and their predictions were right. Google always says that it feels quite responsive site offers the best user experience. Now, Google has given significant importance to the mobile friendly sites through its mobile update and has made it quite an important factor for the websites to be mobile friendly. See the search engine optimization Kennesaw services for best results.

    Start Optimizing for Yahoo, Bing, and Other Search Engines


    Could 2015 be the year that the search engines start to take more market share? This is even though the million dollar question every year as there are some recent developments which have made it possible. With different options other than Google is becoming popular, it’s going to make it quite important to have visibility across the different search engines rather than just Google.

    Switch Focus to ROI Metrics from the Keyword Rankings


    If you along with your SEO Company are placing some effort on the keyword rankings, analyzing the success of the campaigns based on their positions, it means that you require a change in your strategy. This is because the ranking reports can always be made to look pretty and the companies even target useless keywords to rank number one.

    If you are a business owner spending money every month on SEO, what would you rather hear from your SEO agency?

    In case, you are a business owner who is looking to spend money every month, what are you going to hear from the SEO agency? Whether you are ranking number one for a particular keyword for which you can’t translate the amount into dollar or would you want graphics and other work which would bring direct leads and traffic to your site.

    Focus on the Social Media Approach


    Social media is no longer a medium for sharing content only, as the businesses have started using its marketing potential. Your social audience expects to engage with your brand on a more personal level. This is why, it’s extremely important to harness the power of social media to your advantage. This would help in building more sales, leads and revenue at the same time.

    Through all of the updates and algorithm changes over the years one thing remains the same: inbound links are the most influential signal of trust and authority. This isn’t going to change — not in 2015 or anytime soon.

    Earn Natural Links instead of Link Building


    Even though a lot of things change about SEO, the quality and importance of inbound links never fade away. However, the days of building useless and irrelevant links are now long gone. Today, earning a single link on a quality site is much more important for attracting referral traffic, sales, leads and brand exposure.

     Target precise keywords and search words


    The days of targeting the broad keywords are coming to an end, Even though they get a lot of traffic volume, they still don’t offer high target traffic and are also therefore quite expensive to rank. By targeting long tail search phrases, you can attract quality buyer traffic, and would also be ranked quickly owing to the less competition. This means that you have to go through quality keyword research to understand the purchase and shopping patterns for identifying the phrases and the search terms.