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  • 08 May

    What the Google Mobile Update Holds for Your Website’s Future?

    We heard a lot of informal statements from the several Google employees regarding the search statistics and queries overtaking the desktop queries in this year. This is what happened on April 21st through the Google’s mobile friendly website update.

    According to Google, there are more searches taking place on the mobile devices than on the desktops in 10 countries such as Japan and US. Even though Google didn’t mention any details regarding the other countries as far as the volume of mobile search queries and PC are concerned.

    Google told us that the mobile queries include the mobile browser-based searches, coming mostly from the Google’s mobile search apps; however they didn’t disclose the exact facts and figures of each.
    According to Google, the searches coming from the tablets are included in the same number which come from the desktops, so all this data and details is only regarding the numbers coming from the Smartphone. According to another company named comScore, they released a graphic and report previously stating the relative volume of the US-based search queries on the tablets, PCs and the Smartphone.

    As per the year 2014, the company said that the US mobile queries were roughly 29% of the entire search volume. According to Google, that either the comScore data was incorrect or the mobile search growth is happening much faster than anticipated or as a combination of those explanations. Google has not commented directly on the data presented by comScore.

    All such data is being released in the context of a range of new Google Display Network announcements and tools, Adwords, also discussed by Ginny Marvin. The announcements also cover the new automation tools, ad formats across both the display and search ads and the new measurement and attribution capabilities with emphasis on the offline measurement and store visits.

    Well, with the mobile update, you can get a bit more context and color for the recent mobile friendly algorithm update. The mobile update by Google is the first step officially taken to make marketers understand the importance of the mobile update, as now it can be easily foreseen that the mobile is going to be the primary focus for the marketers mainly including the search marketers. You can always hire the Kennesaw web designers for making your site mobile friendly.