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  • 29 Dec

    Content marketing is a strong factor of SEO and digital marketing in general. Especially since Google has rolled out the penguin and the panda updates, it has become a vital part of digital marketing. However, as the time moves on, things change according to the users’ behavior. Today, there are a lot of people who say that they find it difficult to go through long articles and require just the main points covered in the article.  So what does this mean for the content marketing’s future in the upcoming year 2016?

    What do the Marketers need to do?

    Well, it’s time to rethink the content strategy and the way the content is developed. This means that you need to make your content easy and quick to scan through. You also need to ensure that the content is easy to read and has the capacity to flow quickly.

    You need to put in the subtitles and bold the main points. Make it easy for the people to skim through your content and make a particular conclusion for your article.

    Include relevant examples for people to understand the different scenarios. A lot of content reads like a set of to-do’s without the reason for taking action. You also need to offer an example for making the people understand and connect with you.

    Also, go for the images that can draw people’s attention. There are pictures available on free photo sites which you can use without acquiring any license such as pixabay etc.

    Spread the Word through Social Media

    Make sure you are pushing your articles out to the masses –Use social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook get your message out to people.

    You can also suggest a certain action at your article’s end, and if your article is liked by people, they would want to find more about you. You can always guide them to the next step through it. You also need to make sure that you are pushing the article to the masses through the sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for getting the message out to the people.

    You need to create content that would make people buy from you. There are people who like to review the information before buying something. For example on Amazon, people like to see the reviews and information regarding a certain product that is published there.

    Well, these are all the small changes that you need to implement in your articles. By making the few changes, you would start seeing the actual results.


    For the year 2016, you need to focus on content which can sell and stick well. The content that can bring in more business is the content that you need to focus on. This is as simple as that. Just focus on the cleaner and a simpler message that can be relatable to the audience.

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